#10Tips10Days - Laurel Shu Lau (2018)

#10Tips10Days - Laurel Shu Lau (2018)

Licensed Innovation360 Facilitator | Touring Cali, Singapore, Hong Kong, Sydney in LATE AUGUST/ EARLY SEPTEMBER

Laurel Shu Lau on LinkedIn: “Tip #1 innovation and neurodiversity…

Tip #1 innovation and neurodiversity You cannot give others what you do not have Accept your own talents and emerging talents. Especially if you as…

Laurel Shu Lau on LinkedIn: “Tip#2 shadowing program Innovation and…

Tip#2 shadowing program Innovation and neurodiversity #10days10tips Build program to allow for the exchange of minds in the employees participating …


#LetsGetHonest - Movement (2018)

The movement that took LinkedIn by storm last year (watched by 26 million users) is back! Challenge yourself and your friends to press that record button.

Laurel Shu Lau