#10Tips10Days - Jake Jordan - Complete (2018)

#10Tips10Days - Jake Jordan - Complete (2018)

Jake Jordan's complete #10Tips10Days challenge. Jake is a cause-driven branding & content strategist, trainer to organizations. Romans 1:16.

The Impact Mindset | Impactful Content | Tip #1

You have an attitude problem! Do you wonder why your content doesn't always pack the punch you were hoping for? Are you struggling to get clients, supporters...

Individualize | Impactful Content | Tip #2

A lot of content is written for the masses. That is a mistake. Learn why it's so important to individualize your content.

Marry Your Message | Impactful Content | Tip #3

Consistency in your message is a massively overlooked trait to really successful brands!

Jake Jordan on LinkedIn: "Tip 7 | Take By...

Tip 7 | Take By The Hand You know those pictures that get shared where a tile is turned the wrong way? The ones that just drive the OCD brains cra...

Reduce Fear | Impactful Content | Tip #8

We can't remove fear, but we can reduce how much it affects our client's decision-making process.

Underline the Important | Impactful Content | Tip #9

Many times we need to bring our clients back to what is important about their aspiration. How can you keep them focused on the win?:


#LetsGetHonest - Movement (2018)

The movement that took LinkedIn by storm last year (watched by 26 million users) is back! Challenge yourself and your friends to press that record button.

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